The popular Turkish hotel chain Alva Donna, cherished by tourists, will undergo a name change and become Dobedan Hotels. As of November 1, travelers will still be able to enjoy their stays at Exclusive Hotel Belek in Belek, World Palace Kemer in Kemer, and Beach Resort Side in Side. However, there is a significant twist – these hotels will have new names.

According to travel agents, tourists can expect improved conditions in these popular hotels after the rebranding. In addition to the existing management structure and staffing policies, they will introduce additional benefits. These enhancements will include expanded dining options and the refurbishment of certain areas within the hotels. The concept is also set to evolve, and its updated version will be introduced to visitors in October.

As reported on, Alva Donna ceased to exist after its owner passed away during the summer. According to speculations, three close relatives of the former owner claimed their inheritance rights, assigning different names to each hotel. Another version suggests that the business was sold, and the new owner decided to change the network’s name.

Preparations for the rebranding were reportedly underway from August. Tourists confirmed this by sharing photos and videos on social media from Turkey. They noted that the name Alva Donna was being left behind as new signs with the name Dobedan were installed.

Despite comments from tourists indicating no significant disruptions in service, concerns are emerging among professional experts. In the tourism industry, it is suggested that employees may not be pleased with the new conditions. While the beaches and facilities are set to improve, the level of hospitality remains uncertain.