The previous decree, issued on May 31, 2023, forbidding the ascent of Bali’s 22 volcanoes, has failed to take hold and is now being ignored. The climbing ban appears to have exceeded its legal authority.

As reported by, the number of climbers ascending and descending Bali’s Mount Batur (elevation 1,717 meters) is now back to “normal levels,” despite the unseasonably high temperatures and drought conditions affecting the Island of Bali.

Made Budiadnyana Putra, the Head of The Association for the Management of Protected Forests (KPHK) at the Agency for the Conservation of Bali’s Natural Resources (KSDA-Bali), assured on Monday, October 23, 2023, that climbing activities are operating at normal levels.

Putra calculates a daily average of 200 people climbing Mount Batur, with weekends and holidays recording the highest number of climbers. Indonesian hikers dominate the number of total visitors to the mountain top. Adding: “The volume of climbers is not affected by the (current) dry season conditions.”

Made Budiadnyana Putra said that a licensed mountain guide invariably accompanies every visitor who climbs Mount Batur. This is done to maximize the prevention of forest fires on the mountain’s slopes. Putra explained that the mountain’s area is relatively safe from the threat of fire, with the areas most at risk being the sides of main roads. This danger is heightened by lit cigarette butts carelessly discarded by passing motorists and trekkers.

The active involvement of local guides also ensures that visitors will not act in outrageous ways that have offended local sensibilities in the past.

The management of Nature Reserves and Sanctuaries Associations and related association agencies are urging mountain climbers not to discard trash in the mountain surroundings and to spare no effort to prevent forest fires. Climbers are personally cautioned by guides and reminded by roadside banners to act wisely in preserving the local environment.

Based on research and the resulting documentation on “carrying capacity” undertaken by Bali’s Center for Control of Ecoregional Development (P3E), Mount Batur has a carrying capacity to handle 500 daily visitors. Meanwhile, the actual average number of daily visitors to the Mountain peak is around 200 people.